Hello, I am Murat Çıtır. I am 39 years old. I work as a business manager at NovaFertil Fertility Center. I have been working as a business manager at this center for nearly 12 years. NovaFertil Fertility Center Konya branch started its operations in October 2008. It is mainly concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of couples who cannot have children in normal ways. For them, we provide In-vitro Fertilization treatments, genetic IVF treatments, male infertility treatments, psychological counseling and dietitian services. At our center, the number of patients coming for diagnosis and treatment increases every day, and every month we get 200 patients on average applying for treatment. This means that we provide services to about 2500 patients a year. One of the services we offer to our patients who choose our center for treatment is to avoid any problems related to communication. Our patients, who are under treatment, can contact their doctors and related personnel anytime by phone. One of the most important problems that patients coming from outside the city and from abroad face is the problem of accommodation. We handle the accommodation issue by providing guesthouse services for free. In terms of technological investment, it should not be forgotten that technological investment affects the pregnancy rate very much. Technological developments, which have recently been used in different centers around the world, such as microchip tracking system, microchip in vitro fertilization treatment and embryo monitoring system, are being applied in our center as well. Of course, the preferences of a physician is one of the factors that patients should pay attention to when choosing an IVF center. It should not be forgotten that an IVF center should be evaluated by looking at its whole team. It should not be forgotten that there should be a strong and specialized embryology and andrology laboratory behind any physician. In addition, the center's investment in technology and to what degree technological devices are used has direct effects on pregnancy rate. Why should our patients choose our center? Patients who want to be treated at NovaFertil Fertility Center can easily and quickly contact us on our website. We are aware of how difficult it is to not be able to have a child and how hard it is to deal with it. We want you to know that we are here by your side. Before you make your decision, we would be happy to host you at our center for coffee and a chat. With the new technological advancements, it is not as hard as you think it is to have children. Come to our center, let your dreams come true.