Hello, my name is Özgür Aslandağ. I am the manager at the NovaFertil Fertility Center’s Publicity and Marketing Department. Apart from the treatment services for our foreign patients, NovaFertil Fertility Center provides airport transfers, accommodation in our guesthouse or hotel reservations, along with interpretation services for all our patients. NovaFertil Fertility Center is preferred by foreign patients because we are a reliable center that complies with ethical rules, our success rate is high, and our physician's scientific experience and our infrastructure for genetic studies is strong. In addition, we are a center that thinks about the patient's economic situation and helps them with the first consultation fee, with the high-quality equipment in our laboratories and our highly equipped employees. Our advice to patients coming to NovaFertil Fertility Center for treatment purposes are that, in particular, we guarantee that our center is successful and reliable and that your transfer, accommodation, communication and interpreter services will be provided by our center throughout the treatment process and we assure possible future patients that they will not encounter any problems here. We are waiting at NovaFertil IVF Center for all patients who want to have a child. I would like to wish everyone a healthy life.